We Camel Stubbers come from varied backgrounds, both professional & amateur. But, we’re all devoted to experiencing the best of what life has to offer… some like to laugh, some like to cry. When you run into one of us and say “it’s so hard to find things to do here,” we rattle off a list of a dozen things that day, and then tell you what to miss and what to go to. You can disagree with our views, but hopefully you will trust our intentions.


Phil Apazaphilweb

Host & Executive Producer

Phil’s often been accused of trying to do too many things. So, obviously, his name is here. Having enjoyed acting since the age of 7 years old, he became indecisive and inconsistent by the age of 10 by moving into production work… lighting & sound, set design, directing, producing, he’s done it all since then. His acting career is notable for including several on stage deaths. He’s been poisoned, shot six different times, stabbed three times, committed suicide twice, and has even been killed by a falling sandbag. It’s no surprise that his professional career has been just as varied, and only a little less deadly. After studying for a dual-degree (and quadruple majors), he decided to try his hand as a copywriter, English teacher, marketing & brand strategist, scriptwriter/script doctor, business consultant, content producer, event manager. Now he’s doing this. Let’s hope he sticks with it… and doesn’t die.


3f0e92_fa593a59b36f4fde8c9888cfef4eb9c4Emma Haylan Hall

Host & Producer

Emma Haylan Hall is a British actress who began her theatrical career at age 5 writing, directing and starring in her own ‘one women’ show for a long standing run at a small unknown venue, ‘The Hall Family Residence.’ After a brief flirtation with academia, earning a business degree, she promptly moved to London to pursue her love of performing arts. It was in ‘the big smoke’ that Emma appeared in various film projects whilst working at a celebrity endorsement agency. When the cold London weather proved too much for Miss Hall she up and left for Dubai. Her on screen career has flourished in the desert and has allowed her to turn her focus to producing and working behind the camera. But how will she fair when the spotlight isn’t on her? and will those pesky foreign words get the better of her unilingual ways? When not Camel stub-ing Emma can be found tripping over her own shadow, worrying about the state of …well, everything and then consoling herself in the Dubai beach clubs.


abdullah_v2Abdullah al Qassab


Abdullah Al Qassab is an Emirati research and development engineer  and public figure with a passion for people, for development and for his country. From an early age Abdullah was very interested in psychology and the general structures of society and the people around him, Abdullah initially became involved in smaller charitable projects which then grew with his own development. This is also the time when Abdullah discovered his talent and passion for words. He embarked on a series of courses on public speaking, coaching and mentoring, leadership and presentation skills to hone these skills and better share his ideas and passion with/for the people around him. These days, Abdullah is using his talents to inspire, and for good causes. Especially with his stand-up comedy gigs Abdullah creates impact beyond the laughs – by donating all proceeds to charitable causes.  Being a bundle of energy he went from media reporter on international TV station to YouTube shows  to Cannes film festival to acting in theatre in Hollywood


headshotLamya Tawfik


Lamya Tawfik is a Dubai-bred/based Egyptian performing artist. She’s a writer, translator, comedienne, actress and storyteller. When she’s not wearing any of these hats herself, she enjoys being part of the performing arts scene as a spectator. She speaks English, Arabic, Italian and a tad bit of French – and thinks she needs to work on another language or two just to call herself a polyglot! Lamya holds a BA and MA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the American University in Cairo and a Doctorate Degree in Childhood Studies from the Mass Communication and Child Culture Department, Institute for Postgraduate Childhood Studies, Ain Shams University in Cairo. She has been featured in several UAE, regional and Italian publications and TV stations with the highlight being: MTV Italia! She loves all-things-Italian, laughing, balloons, Nutella, children, elephants, the color red and cotton candy – not in that order.



img4455Rosine Saad


Rosine Saad, with pure Lebanese blood in her veins, fell under the spell of the stage in 2004. She took part in many plays in Beirut. Since she moved to Dubai in 2012, she has immersed herself in the Dubai performing arts scene, acting with Danù and Short+Sweet, writing and directing short plays, venturing in poetry and stand up comedy.  With her father being the former manager of the prestigious Sursock Museum – Beirut, she grew up in an artistic environment where Art critics and reviews are an Art in itself. Rosine finds great comfort in cooking and baking. she likes to explore new recipes and calls for volunteer foodie lab rats … with a good Medical Insurance. She is grateful for the gift of Life and thankful for all the people who crossed her path. She is the Award Winner of the Best Script in Short+Sweet 2016.