What’s Coming Up This Week Around the UAE? Feb 27- Mar 5

Editors choice

Best on a Budget: Improv nights Mon – Wed at the Courtyard Playhouse in Dubai

Best Afternoon Out: ChoirFest

Best Night Out with Friends: Improv Nights at Courtyard Playhouse

Best Family Event: Fame or ChoirFest

Critic Pick: Trance Forms in Abu Dhabi and Madam Butterfly in Dubai

Personal Picks:

Phil: I don’t have one this week. Possibly Trance Forms.

Qassab: Trance Forms: I am my Language

Lamya: Choirfest

Emma:  FAME

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Phil Apaza

On and around the stage since age 7, Phil has been on nearly every side of it, both professional and amateur. He has been involved in over 100 productions, from major corporate and government events to playing an on-stage prop in a walk-on role.

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