A Rogue Camel Broke Our Website. No, Really!

A Rogue Camel Broke Our Website. No, Really!


Our site has been down for nearly 24 hours because of an errant camel. No… not kidding. A camel took down The Camel Stub. Perhaps the idea of having “stubs” for legs or just not getting enough theatre for the last month made him angry.

In reality, the rogue dromedary was a camel emoji, this one to be precise:  🐪 . It displays differently depending what device, browser, and/or site you’re viewing it on. How did this camel break our site? Well, without noticing, we forgot to take it out of a URL slug (website address) to our last post. The whole site didn’t break, but the menu couldn’t interpret what the heck to make of this thing. So, without having a menu to navigate the site, we took it down until we could figure out what happened.

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At The Camel Stub, we have embraced the motto “what can go wrong on a Camel Stub shoot, will go wrong.” Apparently, that extends to the whole brand, not just our shoots. How very melodramatic of us. Perhaps we’ve said Macbeth a few too many times. We don’t know.

We’re back up and running now. We’ve made a few improvements and updates to the back end in the process, and have also added an “upcoming events” widget to the sidebar. We’ll probably rearrange this sidebar a bit based on some great feedback we’ve been receiving from all of you, as well as many other improvements over the next month. Whatever it takes to give you better access to performance and event news and views here.

Moral of this story: keep track of your camels.

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