Events Calendar | Website Updates

Events Calendar | Website Updates


We’ve finally launched a calendar feature which we hope will make it easier to find all of the performing arts events going on around the UAE. Just scroll up to the menu bar and take a look. It says “CALENDAR”… it’s hard to miss (on desktop). Just click it or select a city from the dropdown, or on mobile just tap ‘main menu’.

This is probably the only calendar in the country focused on performing arts: theatre, dance, stand up, improv, experimental theater, spoken word, cultural music. Just that. We’re not going to load it up with the myriad of singing gigs and popular/contemporary music events happening. Why? Well, we have nothing against that, but there are already other calendars and promoters for those.

Also, we will not be including workshops and auditions into this calendar. The primary goal is to give audiences info and to help them find events they can enjoy. Again, nothing against workshops and auditions… but we have to focus on the audience.

Mobile dropdown menu

Functionality for now

The calendar design is quite simplistic at the moment. It leaves much to be desired, but we will constantly look to improve. Hopefully, it has the functionality you need. You can view by emirate/city. You can search events and look at individual days or list views. Nothing overly fancy, but it works. In the coming weeks, we will work on tagging events, making it easier to look for specifically “stand up” events or “drama”, etc. And yeah… pictures. We know it’s all boring and “texty.” We’ll get images in there as and when we can. It’s a bit time intensive, but will be done.

So, next time you hear that constant refrain, “Oh, but there’s no culture here,” first, remove your fist from their face. Second, tell them to pull out their phone and go here. It should give them an idea of what they’re missing/making excuses about. We link back to every single organizer, venue and event website when we have the info, so they can explore further.

A note on Facebook: many of you have noticed that we add all of the performing arts events to the events calendar on our Facebook page. We will continue to do that as best we can. It is another medium for audiences to find shows. Whatever works. We only add already existing events to our page, we don’t create our own, so Facebook has limitations still.

By the numbers

  • 117 events
  • 37 organizers
  • 44 venues
  • 5 months in advance
  • 22 man-hours of research and entry

… and we’re still not there. This is just the beginning.

We know we don’t have everything in there yet, either. There are lot of community events this season which haven’t had many details released yet. But we will get what we can up in the coming weeks and will continually update (daily or at least as much as possible.)

If you see specific things missing or incorrect details on an event, please email  If you are an organizer, we would love to hear from your either way. We really want to serve the scene right and do this justice.

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