One Mad Camel: Orange | Alex Broun Play Festival

One Mad Camel: Orange | Alex Broun Play Festival


Rosine Saad is One Mad Camel. Her series of reviews are honest, no-filter takes on what she sees. 

The Orange group was the best group to be scheduled for an afternoon. Light and with funny plays, including 2 plays by school girls.

Bathroom, directed by Rita Martinos, was well paced, with good energy and had the laughs it deserved.

Flight, directed and performed by Fiona Paterson, suffered from a cyclical script that Fiona did her best to make it alive, energetic and engaging. Kudos to that, she fairly nailed it.

Twenty Dollars, by the Gems school girls, was fun and engaging. They added a song to it that made the audience heart melt.

Fate‘s steady hands, directed by Jasmin Neuschaefer, missed the laughter it deserved due to the delivery of its actors. The pace was good and engaging.

Hidden Agenda, directed by Rita Martinos, with the same cast as Bathroom, about flirtatious pick up scenario as well, had the same energy. Audience immediately related.

Gun Laws, directed by Geetha Prodhom, was well-assembled in terms of direction, acting and pace, but not supported by a strong script.

Ballerina Flowers, giving us, once more, the freshness of the school girls, was about a young girl who lost her mom to cancer. It was almost heartbreaking to realize that children of that age can also be faced with the harsh realities of life. Beautifully written. Ending with a song added by the girls about love that made audience shed a tear, including me.

Text Messages Hurt More When You Are Sitting at the Airport, directed by Rory Kilalea. My favorite of the lineup. Kudos to Lisa Harter and Manjunath Naidu for that super performance. I laughed my pants off.

AwaitingBlue, the last group of the ABPF to start. Related review and the overall ABPF review will be out tomorrow.

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