One Mad Camel : I Am Yusuf | DAA Students

One Mad Camel : I Am Yusuf | DAA Students


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Exceptionally, this ‘One Mad Camel’ is now ‘One Madly in Love Camel’ and will be delivering an unusually positive review. Last November I had the privilege to be part of ‘I am Yusuf And This Is My Brother’ by the Palestinian playwright Amir Nizar Zuaibi, produced by Danù Dubai, directed by Pádraig Ó Dúnadhaigh. We had very good reviews, with four sold out shows, and by popular demand, we made a comeback in January 2016, for two more shows.


This year, Pádraig’s students at The Dubai American Academy put it on stage as a school play, inspired by us.

Most of the original cast, including me, went to watch it together.

What do you expect from a school play? … whatever happens, it’s a school play, you clap, you cheer, you find the mistakes cute, and ‘awwwww’ in encouragement when they miss a line or freeze on stage.

Well, nope! None of this happened. Those kids put on a play, one of the most difficult plays I’ve been part of, in an almost professional way. What would remind me of the school play status would be a teen playing a dad and the actress playing his daughter is taller than him and looks the same age.

The seriousness, the acting, the feeling, the emotions of the Palestinian people kicked out of their land in 1948, all was there, all of it. And I couldn’t stop crying.


Their pace was on the clock, tic tac tic tac, not one second lost, not one hesitation, not one moment of empty stage, Pádraig run it in one go, without a break, and no one felt tired or bored. … Well, except for the dad behind me who decided to answer his mobile, announce that he is watching his son in a school play, and continues on with a business conversation. Oooppps, I can’t help it can I?!?!

The tech for this play is a heavy and complicated one, lights change constantly, sound effects, projections, the original cast know them by heart, they were our queues. And we were in admiration that nothing went wrong.

They got the standing ovation they deserved, and I was sobbing ridiculously. They were so excited to see us afterwards, and asked us if we liked it. I hugged all of them, almost, yelling great job, great job.


Pádraig, I’m speechless, I can’t wait for you to cast me in another production.

Ok, I guess I even beat Lamya here! I’m not used to being so nice. I will stop before I hurt myself.

Rosine Out!

The Final performance of ‘I Am Yusuf And This Is My Brother’ by DAA Students will be performed on Monday 28th November in the DAA Auditorium.

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