One Mad Camel: Green & Magenta | Alex Broun Play Festival

One Mad Camel: Green & Magenta | Alex Broun Play Festival


Rosine Saad is One Mad Camel. Her series of reviews are honest, no filter takes on what she sees. 

The Alex Broun Play Festival opened last night at The Junction, with 7 plays in the Green group and 8 plays in the Magenta Group. The ABPF brings the Dubai theatre community together, once more, to create a vibe and energy that we are used to during the Short+Sweet season.

Directors who are used to directing plays by international writers, were in their comfort zone. Directors who write their own play are having a warm up of their senses for the much awaited 2017 S+S season.


The Green group had a better line up than the Magenta, opening with Grace, that was my favorite of both groups. Iobel Andemicael stuns us with the way she embodied a sex appeal role that is far from her nature. All eyes were on her, at least mine 😉

Greg Lunn & Sarah Potter gave us a powerful performance in The Celine Dion Songbook. Their energy, timings, emotions were perfect and tuned to every line of this heavy play. A note to the production: take out the word ‘young’ that describes the couple in the synopsis and it all falls into place.


Lamya, now I laugh even when I pass by my ‘magic box’ and it’s not on! TV Woman will make you pee your pants out of laughter.

I must admit, I have a weak point for Justin Cipriano on stage. This man has magnetism to draw all eyes on his, as if he has his own follow spot following him everywhere! He is having a great season with Dracula, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, and now the ABPF.

I would like to know what is it with Alex Broun and scenes at 2 am in Kitchens … I am serious!



The Magenta group was somehow a disappointment after Green. I didn’t understand why the actress in Love Sucks was talking about the bouquet she had in her hand as carnations when they were clearly white roses! Audience knows their flowers, woman!!!

Deadline was a cliché topic executed in a more cliché style. This couple were in Short+Sweet 2016 and the energy between them was not that good then. There was no need to copy/paste them in this play.

I Miss You The Most When I Catch Sight Of The Moon, my favorite in this line up, owes its success to Blake Stemm who gave a great performance with an surprisingly authentic Russian accent.

Phil Apaza (our very own Host & Executive Producer) embodied perfectly a pedophile, so perfectly that I hated him almost genuinely!! Great work dude, please choose other characters for your future plays! Yuck!!

And for the love of whatever is dear to anyone, stop this While You Were Sleeping thing! This is the third production in less than 12 months, and none of them was good, the audience is bored of it, and have the lines by heart. I almost whispered the lines to the actor who was stuck on stage not knowing what his next line was.

Death of a very funny script in Death In A Salsa Class! The cast had 6 actresses, it was 6 times overacted!!

Don’t miss the other line ups over the weekend. The beauty of this format is that you don’t know what to expect as plays, actors, theatricality, you need to sit, relax and enjoy the plays. The trap in a one writer play festival: redundancies of writing styles are expected, and if you don’t like his the writing styles … you will at least enjoy the buzz!!!

Rosine Out!

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