One Mad Camel: Blue | Alex Broun Play Festival

One Mad Camel: Blue | Alex Broun Play Festival


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The Blue group had a good lineup for a late show (it started at 9:45.)

I missed the opening play, Saturday Night Newtown, Sunday Morning Enmore, Directed and played by Hazel Lucas & Chris McDermott. Yet, I heard good feedback about it.

Sabiha Majgaonker and Ajay Simha did a very good job in Together We are Anna, directed by Humera Sultana. They portrayed their humble characters in a very engaging way, giving them the needed depth to tackle a socio-political situation with the day-to-day language of the people. All at a good pace.


War/Kiss, directed by Sanjeev Dixit, had this overflowing energy of youth in a love story that defies wars. Lynn Roger Kakhia & Omar Mohamd Fayek gave us a beautifully paced performance. The disappointment was the confusion Alex Broun had between Lebanon and any other country in war, and the most cliché statements. The lead female actress had a Turkish or Iranian name, the chronology had no head or tail, just naming security incidents that happened in Lebanon with their dates and not in any order (Google ‘security incidents in Lebanon in last 10 years’). And, why would she speak Arabic in Afghanistan? Seriously! The typical case of writing about war zones … Please writers, note that writing about wars IS NOT a romantic scenario at all, do leave it to people living the war and its consequences.


Ash, directed by Gargi, missed the deserved laughs, not really sure why. Gargi, playing Ashley, could have done a better job in my opinion.


And OMG! Great, great job team! Pushed, by The Drama Galleries, directed by Sikendar Hemani. The story is about an expedition to Mount Hood in Oregon, USA, that went wrong with 2 climbers falling to their death. The team staged it with ropes and climbing equipment, with 5 actors spread all over the stage, with dim stage lights, as if in a storm. Audience could feel the tension, moving their heads all over the stage to follow the action. Best play of this group!!!!

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What can I say about The Actress’ Dilemma?!?! Hummmm, let’s see. I think Pawan Manghanni gathered the Aish Outt Production team and said “let’s have the longest plays of the festival and let’s have, in every play, an actor that goes up and down the stairs between the audience” and they all answered “Yaaaayyyy” … And then they all caught the play pacing virus. A shout out to Jennifer Mauerhofer, who was playing the actress with a dilemma. Or maybe she was living it at that moment. LOL!

Still love you Pawan 😉


This festival had a nice contribution of DramaDonne, the Italian acting group of Dubai. They showcased 2 plays in Italian, In Bagno (Bathroom) and Appuntamento Segreto (Hidden Agenda) – both pieces are also playing this weekend in Pick Ups at Boudoir (in English.) Even though not all of us speak Italian, the audience enjoyed the performance, and had some laughs. Good acting, good pacing, good expressions and feelings make a good play in any language.

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Turn The Other Cheek by Pawan and Priyanka Manghnani …. refer to the Aish Outt Production meeting minutes, mentioned above.

Love you even more Priyanka 😉

The Kill directed by Jimish Thakkar, missed its peak moment by stretching the act. Audience were really engaged, and feeling the annoyance of the character and playing along the dream of a kill farce, yet got bored by the redundancy. The ending with tomatoes, hundred of tomatoes rolling from all the wings on stage was surprising and original, even crazy. This play could have done much more effect with a few minutes less.

Rosine Out!

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