Mannequin Challenge


With dozens of actors at The Junction getting ready for the next show of the Alex Broun Play Festival and audience members starting to arrive, we quickly tried to jump on a one-take, all-or-nothing Mannequin Challenge. Dubai’s theatre community and actors are always willing to jump into a challenge. Thanks guys!

Congratulations to The Junction on their one year anniversary this weekend. And congratulations to Alex Broun on first Alex Broun Play Festival.

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On and around the stage since age 7, Phil has been on nearly every side of it, both professional and amateur. He has been involved in over 100 productions, from major corporate and government events to playing an on-stage prop in a walk-on role.

  • T.#1

    November 20, 2016


    Congratulations, Alex!

    Happy Anniversary, The Junction! I remember the opening like it was yesterday! (And us being the first ones out on that stage, and some of us from that very first cast & crew were back this year, around the 1-year anniversary taking a bow (some of us filling different shoes than we did last year) — what a fantastic first year).

    Great job! And it was great being a part of the challenge. Thanks, Phil.


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